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Our Ethos

Our passion for creativity is expressed in everything we do is about you. Our customer is our priority. We understand what you need to get you on your style. We endeavor to keep you at your best, and we remain loyal to you and your choices. We have a team that believes in this mission and works on unique ideas. The designers and the weavers who breathe the creativity and apply in every single product. Every day we go to work, hoping to do two things to share great work culture and help to make the space a little more luxurious.







Our Ethos

Who we are

Malhotra Industries is a tight-knit family of dedicated and creative designers, technicians, and artisans based in Panipat(HR), India. Our business is built on the substratum of values. We heartily welcome those who have compassion and humility that everyone deserves dignity. With our business idea, we are tapping into the creative capacity of India's rich tradition. We use our collective experience of creative design and technical expertise to create meaningful home furnishings. Whether it is modern to traditional designs, minimal to intricate details, muted to vibrant colors, compact to spacious sizes, you can find solutions for all types of spaces. Our product range comprises Bath Mats, Area Rugs, Cushions, and Throws. India's rich tradition inspires us in textile design. We create the most alluring designs of the highest quality. The Passion and devotion of our artisans is transformed into our products as they receive the opportunity to grow their fortunes, self-worth, and pride, with our goal, "Equal opportunity for everyone."

We aim to make a relationship that makes a positive difference in our customer's life. We promise to provide exquisite designer products and unsurpassed services that together deliver premium value to our customers. We are eco-conscious. We pledge to take care of our mother nature. Good for People, Good for the planet.

Manufacturing Plant

Malhotra Industries has a 50,000 sq.ft facility consisting of Tufting Machines, Interlocking Machines, Piping Machines, Stitching Machines, Dyeing, Washing and Processing Plant, Screen Printing Setup etc to create and process Curtains, Area Rugs, Bath Mats, Throws, Cushions etc.

Design Team

Our in-house creative team is constantly experimenting with innovative yarns- techniques-colors-designs etc in a quest to offer more interesting & value-added products to the home fashion market.


We are focused on sustainable practices and raw materials are ethically sourced and produced. We use certified dyes and chemicals in dyeing and other processes and extensively use organic raw materials. Water is treated in our ETP setup after the dyeing process and even reutilised wherever possible.

We Care

We love our planet, and we care about our mother earth. We consider the preservation of our natural environment a high priority.

Ensures all the precautionary measures to reduce pollution at all stages. We have taken initiatives to conserve, sustain, and improve the natural environment.

How we are doing this:

  • Installed LED lights instead of bulbs and heat resistant glass windows.
  • Efficient use of electricity.
  • Use of ETP (Effluent treatment plant), water is treated after the dyeing and washing process before it is discharged and even reutilised in construction activities.
  • Drained water from RO water filters is also connected to toilet's cistern tanks.
  • Water which can be reutilised after the washing process of our products is transferred to custom made water storage steel tanks and reutilised in various processes.
  • We have developed environment friendly products at every stage in their life cycle, from design and production to use and disposal.
  • We have planted trees to maintain the ecological balance of our environment.
  • Our textile waste is also recycled to prevent wastage.
  • Use of certified dyes and chemicals in dyeing and processing.
  • Use LPG/PNG gas fired boilers and burners to minimise the air pollution.
  • Monitor Noise and air pollution.

We pledge to make the earth cleaner and greener.

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