Who we are

Malhotra Industries is a tight-knit family of dedicated and creative designers, technicians, and artisans based in Panipat(HR), India. Our business is built on the substratum of values. We heartily welcome those who have compassion and humility that everyone deserves dignity. With our business idea, we are tapping into the creative capacity of India's rich tradition. We use our collective experience of creative design and technical expertise to create meaningful home furnishings. Whether it is modern to traditional designs, minimal to intricate details, muted to vibrant colors, compact to spacious sizes, you can find solutions for all types of spaces. Our product range comprises Bath Mats, Area Rugs, Cushions, and Throws. India's rich tradition inspires us in textile design. We create the most alluring designs of the highest quality. The Passion and devotion of our artisans is transformed into our products as they receive the opportunity to grow their fortunes, self-worth, and pride, with our goal, "Equal opportunity for everyone."

We aim to make a relationship that makes a positive difference in our customer's life. We promise to provide exquisite designer products and unsurpassed services that together deliver premium value to our customers. We are eco-conscious. We pledge to take care of our mother nature. Good for People, Good for the planet.

Manufacturing Plant

Malhotra Industries has a 50,000 sq.ft facility consisting of Tufting Machines, Interlocking Machines, Piping Machines, Stitching Machines, Dyeing, Washing and Processing Plant, Screen Printing Setup etc to create and process Curtains, Area Rugs, Bath Mats, Throws, Cushions etc.

Design Team

Our in-house creative team is constantly experimenting with innovative yarns- techniques-colors-designs etc in a quest to offer more interesting & value-added products to the home fashion market.


We are focused on sustainable practices and raw materials are ethically sourced and produced. We use certified dyes and chemicals in dyeing and other processes and extensively use organic raw materials. Water is treated in our ETP setup after the dyeing process and even reutilised wherever possible.

Our documentation is intended to build a trustworthy and transparent relationship with our employees and clients.

Business license (Factory License) Our infrastructure is playing a fundamental role in sustaining us to meet with the industry's preferred requirements. Our Building Layout plan and Building Stability certificate ensures business integrity. We have segmented it properly into various departments to carry out our business operations smoothly. We ultimately maintain our safety and security. With all safety and security, we also ensure an authorized agency certifies our firefighting equipment. We hold a fire certificate to ensure the safety and security of buildings.

We believe in Fair Trade - making conscious choices for a better world.

We have all documented evidence of our employee's personal files. We do maintain employee's individual files that include information like age proof records (Govt. issued Aadhar card, pan card and other documents), appointment letters, confirmation letters, offer letters, increment letters and other essential documents for our records. Working Hours and Wages are key aspects of the quality of work and a significant household income component. We provide the best possible wages, decided working hours, benefits, and conditions of work within the government framework policies. We believe in equality at work. Minimum wages are paid as per the skilled adequate to satisfy the workers' basic needs and their families within the working hours set by govt. law. We provide workers with basic amenities such as housing, medical care, and other Social security benefits. We maintain such documents and record the work performed by workers, the wages paid to them, the deductions made from their wages, the receipts given to them, and other particulars in our Wage payment records. We maintain a record for Attendance (time in /out), leaves, half days, etc. We maintain all Working hours and wages records and overtime work records and notify these aspects of our employees as well. We maintain the whole Records for social security (ESI, EPF) as per govt. law for the betterment of our workers / employees.

Essential Information

We believe in a clean and safe environment for our employee’s good health. We offer the best working environment and for that we carry out the Drinking Water Test, Ambient Air Test and Workplace Noise Test which are necessary for our employee's health. We also have Availability of workers representative committee records to ensure fairness & integrity at our workplace. We ensure that a qualified heat engineer was appointed to install our appliances. We have Effluent treatment plant functional in order to meet the recommended standards of quality of the effluent considering our respect for the environment.

Health and safety

As we know that well-implemented safety measures keep our employees safe and our business to that's why we include:

  • Emergency exits
  • Sufficient fire extinguishers provided in all the departments
  • Sufficient emergency lights offered in all the departments
  • Adequate exit markings in relevant places
  • Aisle markings on the floors
  • Fire drills
  • Adequate first-aid box provided in all the departments

We understand that safety doesn't end once the work is completed, and workers have gone home. We know the meaning of family, and we care about our tight-knit family of workers, designers, and everyone present at the workplace. We understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that the right equipment and quality materials are used so that safety risks are avoided long into the future as well.